Should Trubisky Start? The Media Debates

Should Trubisky Start? The Media Debates

All week long the national media has weighted in on whether the Chicago Bears did the right thing in naming Mitch Trubisky the Bears starting quarterback.

Pete Prisco and Brady Quinn of CBS Sports exemplified what most national football talk shows have been doing since Monday.

Over at the NFL Network the Good Morning Football show saw the debate venture from agreeing with the change to lamenting it because the Bears do not have stellar receivers. One co-host suggested re-signing Victor Cruz.

Over at ESPN, Tom Waddle was brought in to offer his take. The former Bears receiver claimed that the Bears are far from a playoff quality team, but inserting Trubisky would give fans a glimpse into the future.

Max Kellerman at ESPN cautioned that if Trubisky doesn’t pan out the Bears would fall into irrelevancy.

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