Take My Fox, Please

Take My Fox, Please

Winning is great. Winning ugly is still great. Yes, somehow less great. But, in many respects though, it was a beautiful victory. I really want to brag about the Chicago Bears defense. Damn, that was something special to watch. The Bears D is legit. Something has clicked for those guys with the front seven and the defensive backfield together – they are beasting out there and it’s amazing. Really warms the cockles of my old Bears heart. Who do you call out for excellence? All of them. Hicks of course, Floyd, Trevathon, Fuller, Jackson. And, what about Jackson? Eddie Jackson. A 75-yard fumble return for a touchdown and a  76-yard interception return for a touchdown!

There were defensive highlights all over the place. Amukamara and Unrein played very well. As did McPhee and Bullard.

Oh, and a special shout out to Akiem Hicks’ sack celebration – a salute to injured teammate Willie Young.

My bold pick prior to the game was that Cheese Jones would get a pick six. He didn’t but he did play really well overall, too, with his solid tackling.

Excellent effort all around. They are not perfect though, giving up some big third down plays but you also have to give credit to Cam Newton for those. This is a top ten D! I think we can all agree that the Monsters of The Midway are back!

Shout out to Pat O’Donnell for a good day – kept the Panthers on their side of the field and the ST guys did a good job limiting McCaffrey. Overall, the punt team had a very good day. How about Connor Barth? I really can’t blame him too much for that missed 53-yard FG, it’s his limit. It should have only been a 44-yard attempt but Trubisky took at sack on third down – you can’t do that Rookie and you cost your team three points. On whole, it was a helluva lot better than last week.

It should have only been a 44-yard attempt but Trubisky took at sack on third down – you can’t do that, Rookie. And you cost your team three points.

But, on whole, it was a helluva lot better than last week.

And now, let us bow our heads and pray for our Offense. Dear sweet little, six-pound Baby Jesus, why can’t we have nice things? From my viewpoint, they had one good play all day long. That was the seventy-yard pass and run from Tru to Cohen.

And since we won, maybe I’ll give them some credit for a couple of first downs with a few minutes left in the game to ice things. But that’s it.

You have to ask yourself, “What was the game-plan?”

Maybe this was John Fox at the coaches meeting, “Hey guys, we’ll get two scores from the D, so don’t worry about having a cogent offensive game plan!”

Great. If my stats are correct, Trubisky dropped back eleven times and was sacked four times. Some of that may be on Tru for holding the ball too long. And he admitted after the game that he ate the ball a couple of times to avoid forcing something. But in fairness, pass protection was unacceptable today. Folks rag on the tackles a lot but the interior line play was awful. Run blocking was also abysmal.

And then we have the play calls. Pedantic, banal, trite blah blah blah. It’s so predictable that the D is waiting for it and the offense cannot get into any sort of rhythm. This is no way to develop a quarterback, folks.

How much of the offensive offense is due to Dowell Loggains and how much is due to Fox? My money’s on Fox. It’s the same O he ran in Carolina and the Peyton-less Broncos. It’s Tebow time in Chicago! And that’s a shame because Tru has skills. True QB skills. They must open up the playbook and let him play. We’re 3-4 folks, and have a real shot at a winning season this year.

It’s time to play to win and not play to lose.

Aldo, Phil and Shayne will continue to break down the game all week as they did today on Twitter. If you didn’t follow them here’s a taste of what you missed:

Phil catching a missed penalty on the Panthers…

Shayne’s spotting the oxymoron that is the Bears coaching staff.

And, Aldo noting Cam Newton’s melting facial features…

While you’re at it… give me a follow, too. You’ll get some of this:

Listen to Bears Hour Live tomorrow at 9pm CST. And stop by the chat room where many of the Barflies gather. Until next time, Bear Down!

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Kris Armstrong

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