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Bears Hour Live – Super Bowl Review

Bears Hour Live with Draft Dr. Phil looks at the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win from the perspective of the Chicago Bears. Guest Shayne Marsaw and moderator BearsGrl are also on. Leonard Floyd Needs A Partner   Mock Draft Nonsense,

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View From The Barstool: The Super Bowl

Now that I have cures for my irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and toe-fungus ailments, let’s talk about the Super Bowl brought to you by Papa John’s Pizza and Budweiser beer, apparently. If you’ve been around me enough to know, I’m

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Super Bowl Fan Reaction 0

What’s become even more fun than watching Super Bowl commercials are the YouTube¬†videos of fans reacting to the dramatic last few seconds of the New England Patriots win over the Seattle Seahawks. This five-minute video captures some great moments. My

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SNL Super Bowl Ad 0

We’ll talk about the Super Bowl ads for some time, especially the ones women find offensive. Saturday Night Live lampooned the sexist ads that usually pepper a Super Bowl game and it’s pretty damn funny. SNL Super Bowl Print this

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