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Shooting Blind: Predicting The Lions Draft

Kevin Remenap writes his Stirred, Not Shaken column from an undisclosed location, but his heart is always with the Lions. You can find a catalog of his columns here. So, I am writing my first draft-prediction blog. It’s not going

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Barroom Big Board — 16 – 20

This is the third of a week-long series where we reveal the NFCN Barroom’s Big Board. Our top draft analysts all submitted their own Big Boards and we’ve aggregated them to see where the prospects land. This is not a mock

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The View From The Barstool: The Waiting

Welcome back to the Barroom! As you can see, the TVs have 569 channels and nothing good is on. The Twins are losing…again. The Wild backed into the playoffs, despite their best efforts to miss them altogether. The Timberwolves have

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Vikings Must Draft a WR in the First Round

Over the past few NFL Drafts, Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman hasn’t given fans any reason to doubt him. And frankly, he hasn’t given them any reason to be disappointed, either. But if the Vikings fail to address the gaping hole at

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Reiding Between the Lines – April 4 Notebook

First and foremost, I want to welcome you to the new NFC North Barroom website. My name is Jordan Reid and I am the lead draft analyst for the Barroom. The “Reiding Between the Lines” notebook is a scouting notebook

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