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NFCN Draft Trends: Athletes or Role Players

It’s draft time, and we here at NFC North Barroom have been working feverishly to provide you with quality draft content.  We’re basically past the point of no return, however, so instead of looking ahead I’m going to take some time

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Ryan Pace and the Art of War: Establishing a Winning Culture and Roster

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War  is commonly thought of as a complete work on military strategy and tactics. While Sun Tzu’s work goes into intricate detail on warfare and all that it entails, the concepts and theories developed have transcended across the

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Chicago Bears Free Agent Strategy Analyzed

football. I joined Mac and Read and we talked about the Bears free agent strategy and. Packers general manager Ted Thompson’s free agent strategy Should Matt Forte been offered a deal by the Bears (I did misspeak about the Packers never

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Bears Offensive Line Among League’s Best?

The great people over at Football Outsiders rated the Bears offensive line as the seventh best group. What impressed me the most in their numbers was the team’s success in “power” situations, meaning on third and fourth downs. Also, the line ranked second in

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