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Chicago Bears Daily Dose – Talking Bears RBs & DBs

Chicago Bears Daily Dose is an audiocast hosted by Phil Ottochian. Every day Phil and a special guest diagnose all things Chicago Bears. In today’s episode Phil, aka, Draft Dr. Phil, welcomes Marsaw’s Mailbag postman Shayne Marsaw. Shayne is a

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What Could Bedevil Chicago Bears Offense

Over the course of Aldo Gandia lifetime of following the Chicago Bears, the team has just one Super Bowl and a 348-382 won-lost record. It’s no wonder his list of concerns for every upcoming season is long and exhaustive. We asked the

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Bears Barroom Radio – Post Draft Review

Bears Barroom Radio is our podcast dedicated to in-depth talk about the Chicago Bears. The guests are Bears Barroom regulars Shayne Marsaw (@wasram), Jose Cotto (@Panch_55), and two members of the Bearswire.com team Phil Ottochian (@FulphilO) and Lorin Cox (@CoxSports1).

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NFC North Draft Recap – Grades

NFCN Barroom Lead Draft Analyst Jordan Reid pored over the NFC North draft results to come up with a grade for each team. All four teams come through with passing grades, but only one GM aced with his picks, Chicago

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Chicago Bears Draft – Rounds 4 – 7

“Toughness and instincts.” Those were the common traits general manager Ryan Pace attributed to the Chicago Bears draft picks from day three. Pace met the media after the grueling draft process was complete and while his staff was working the phones

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NFL Draft – Replacing Matt Forte – Middle Round Targets

Another in our series of previewing the NFL Draft With the recent decision by Ryan Pace, John Fox, and the Bears organization to move on from veteran running back Matt Forte they not only created a leadership void in the

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