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Frustrating Moments In Bears History – Episode VI: Super Bowl XLI

Many of my fondest Bears memories are from 2006. It was a season of great moments. Rookie Devin Hester took the league by storm and made kick-off and punt returns must-see events. The Bears’ dominant defense—spearheaded by Lance Briggs, Tommie

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Top Ten Chicago Bears From 2000 to 2015

Producing this video on the top ten Chicago Bears players from 2000 to 2015 was a tonic for the recent suffering we’ve seen on the football field. Watching players like Mike Brown, Charles Tillman and Matt Forte display their artistry

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Jay Cutler: Misunderstood, Mismanaged & Mister Redemption

MarceJay Cutler arrived to Chicago in 2009, the centerpiece of the biggest Bears trade for a quarterback in franchise history. (The trade for Sid Luckman in 1938, was for a draft pick that George Halas used to select the QB

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