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Do Not Re-Sign Alshon Jeffery

Ryan Pace should let Alshon Jeffery walk. Don’t even franchise tag him. Save the money, and move on. Now before you inundate my twitter account with angry tweets, hear me out. I was a big fan of Jeffery when he

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NFCN Barroom: 25 Preposterous Predictions

Imagine a Barroom of drunken NFCN football fanalysts making predictions. We collected 25 such predictions (although some of the barflies were actually sober) and list them below. We call them Preposterous Predictions, but are they? Here we go (some predictions

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Bears Barroom Radio: Reviewing the Wide Receivers

Bears Barroom Radio is going position-by-position through the Bears roster from 2015, evaluating every player on the roster with in-depth analysis you won’t find anywhere else. We have already gone through the quarterbacks and running backs. Now we take you

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Alshon Jeffery: To Sign Or Not to Sign

Similar to every other offseason, the winds of change are sweeping through the Chicago Bears organization. Nothing like last year, though. Since the end of the 2015 regular season, Bears fans have comfortably sat on their couches and watched as seven

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NFCN Player of the Week – 9 0

This week’s NFC North Barroom player of the week award has several worthy candidates for consideration. Notice there will be names like Morgan Burnett, Tracey Porter, Tom Johnson and others not in the top ten. But, the name at the

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