Reaction To Ryan Pace Trade For Trubisky

Reaction To Ryan Pace Trade For Trubisky

Updated with a Heath Evans comment 4/29 at 4:13pm CST

When the announcement came that Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace traded four draft picks to move up one slot for Mitchell Trubisky the sports world freaked. I myself went through a bizarre set of feelings. I always want to be fair to the Bears organization, but this was too shocking. Trading so many draft assets, in a draft loaded with talent, seemed against everything Pace has preached. So, I did what came instinctively for me… I made a video and illustrated my feelings with pictures.

I really didn’t do seven shots. (Not in that short of a time span.) The video was meant to bring you a laugh and express my shock, bewilderment and anger.

The anger was stoked by the immediate trolling by practically all sides.  The Bears made the trade with the San Francisco 49ers. So what do they do. They trolled us.

Bears fans were angry. Some reasonably so…

some not…

Even more than 24 hours later, Trubisky was getting a rude greeting from Chicago sports fans and people from coast to coast (deservedly) bad mouthed Bears fans.

The instant reaction from the national media was not favorable. At, Bill Barnwell wrote that there’s almost no precedent of a player so inexperienced turning into a franchise quarterback.

“… virtually every future Pro Bowl quarterback wins his college job early in his career and starts for a few years before leaving for the NFL. Most first-round quarterbacks start 30-plus games, and even the ones who leave after a couple of seasons start 20-plus contests before hitting the pros.”

Alex Kay at hit the Bears for what he perceived was overpaying for Trubisky.

“… the real value of this swap lies in the value of the extra picks the 49ers picked up for their troubles. According to a common draft-pick value chart that many NFL GMs utilize, the Bears gave up an estimated 2,782 points of value in exchange for 2,600. San Francisco improved the draft capital of the No. 2 pick by around 7%. For moving back a single slot and still getting a player that the franchise more than likely coveted…”

20 minutes after the trade was announced Steven Ruiz of For The Win at USA proclaimed it the worst trade of the 2017 draft:

At best, he turns into a Ryan Tannehill-level quarterback. At worst, he’s Blake Bortles. You don’t give up that much draft capital for low ceiling/low floor prospect, no matter what position he plays.

Michael Wilbon (yeah, I hate him, too) went off on his Pardon The Interruption show. I couldn’t find the clip, but here is Wilbon on Rich Eisen’s podcast practically repeating his PTI rant without all of the histrionics.

Adam Rank of NFL Network posted this rant…

Then there was this comment by Heath Evans that got personal…

I could share hundreds of photos, audio and video clips that demonstrate how people felt about Ryan Pace’s decision.

Mitchell Trubisky

This is a photo from video of fans reacting to Trubisky being picked after the trade by Pace.

Even Ryan Pace’s wikipedia page was altered to reflect discontent.

In moments like this I’ve learned it is best to let things sink in before making an evaluation for the record. Evidence of that is what I posted above. How stupid are some of those comments.

I’m collecting my thoughts and will have them ready for you very soon.

In this post, I want to leave you with this…

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