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Yo, I asked my homie, Aldo, for a chance to express myself regarding the NFC North and he, like a real-life cuz, said, “go at it, Benzi. The blog is all yours.”

But, then he was all like all, “What are you going to write about? You gonna keep it clean. You gonna make me look stupid?”

And, I was like, “Don’t be an Askhole. Lemme me do my thing.”

What I got to say is simple: Ain’t no way anbody better than Aaron Rodgers. My boy up in Green Bay is a slayer. He a pure-bred baller.

Put it to you another way for you old-timers: this dude throws interceptions as often as Urkel get laid.

Bible, man. Bible.

That’s it.

That’s what I got to say.

Marvel Superhero

What he does is precision-like. 100% dope. If he were a Marvel Superhero he’d be called, “Your Daddy!”

You feel me?

Put it to you this way, Number one in all time passer rating. 106.0. Number three in all-time completion rating, 65.8%. Number five in touchdown rate, 6.5%. These numbers are the gold standard.

But, forget those numbers, man! Use the eye test, man! If you don’t see what I see than I got two words for you: “You Blind, muthafukka!”

I sat down and read that long-ass conversation my boy Aldo had with that country singer, Robert Trader, up in Wisconsin and I said to myself, “Aldo done lost his motherfukkin mind.” He really trying to convince people that Aaron Rodgers is to blame for being 2-4 in the playoffs since his Super Bowl win.

C’mon, now! You smarter than that!

Look at that big picture. Just like that Trader dude talked about, the team, the coach, they all let him down.

You know there’s a lot of people blowing smoke up the ass of this Ted Thompson dude, the General Manager of the Packers, because he like to “Draft and Develop.” Screw that shit, man! He need to go out to that free agent market and bring in the missing pieces. Cause if not, he the one that gonna ruin Aaron Rodger legacy!! Not Aaron!!!

Let me put it to you another way. Look at what happened to the Packers when they signed Charlie Woodson and then later my my boy J. Peppers. Boom, bruh!

Those brothers there did what no rookie could do. No matter how much you develop them.

That’s the problem Aaron is facing now. If the Packers don’t go 16-0 is because Teddy Thompson did not bring in a veteran to replace Don Barclay who is the number three tackle on the team and that’s some scary shit, right there. Doe Bakitari and Bulaga are some bad asses, truth is they ain’t gonna play you no 16 games. Get outta here. That shit in the bank and locked up. And so Barclay he gonna have to get his ass out there and protect Aaron and that just ain’t gonna be pretty. No amount of developing gonna help that brother. Sorry, man, I’m just keeping it a hundred.

Listen up, if they don’t go 16-0 is because Teddy don’t bring in nobody to help that sorry-ass run defense. You gonna tell me that Brandon Spikes or Rolando McClain couldn’t come in there and stuff the run for the Packers. Get the fuk outta here.

This boy, Thompson, is the reason Aaron Rodgers gonna be stuck with just one ring – maybe he’ll get two. But, A.R. he should be having Michael Jordan kinda bling.

That’s the truth!!!

I can’t even, man, I ain’t gonna waste any more time telling u what’cha already should know. And, I know some of you be thinking that all I’m doing is throwing you some shade. But, nah, man. I AIN’T EVEN A PACKER FAN, MAN! It’s just the way it is. Aaron Rodgers the baddest motherfukkin quarterback in the NFL. Anybody that don’t see that can’t see that is either legally blind or certifiably stupid.

Sorry, cuz. Just keeping it real.

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