Jose Cotto Re-Drafts The Bears Draft

Jose Cotto Re-Drafts The Bears Draft

We’ve been doing re-drafts of the Chicago Bears draft to save for posterity. Now we will have evidence of whom we wanted and why. We’re even taking your suggestions. Just send them to us on Twitter: @BearsBarroom

This page belongs to the resident Bears Barroom Senior Draft Analyst … Jose Cotto… but we asked Aldo Gandia to share his thought’s of Jose’s picks and give him some shit.

Jose Cotto

Bears Re-Draft Mock – Round 1, No. 3: Deshaun Watson

Cotto’s Comment: Sorry I hurt your feelings Mike Glennon. Always a bridesmaid. I can’t pass up this franchise QB.

Gandia’s Grunt: Why do I get the feeling that Jose has changed his mind on this pick more often than Kim Kardashian has a herpes outbreak. But, it’s great to get his final outbreak on the record.

Bears Re-Draft Mock – Round 2, No. 36: Zay Jones

Cotto’s Comment: First round talent to pair with my franchise QB in round 2? Sign me up.

Gandia’s Grunt: I can’t argue with this pick… only the idea the Bears would have a franchise quarterback with Watson.

Bears Re-Draft Mock – Round 3, No. 67: Tarrell Basham

Cotto’s Comment: Relentless pass rusher steps into the rotation immediately. Excellent value here. I gave Basham a 2nd round grade

Gandia’s Grunt: Basham is my man, too. I don’t mind Jose looking over my shoulder.

Bears Re-Draft Mock – Round 4, No. 112: Jonnu Smith

Cotto’s Comment: Athletic receiving tight end who is a bit undersized but still an effective blocker.

Gandia’s Grunt: This guy’s receiving skills make Josh Bellamy look like Jerry Rice. Nice pick if you want to give your defensive backs’ false confidence in practice.

Bears Re-Draft Mock – Round 4, No. 117: Howard Wilson

Cotto’s Comment: Length, ball skills, and physicality. Wilson could start in 2018 and provide good insurance for the oft-injured Amukamara in 2017

Gandia’s Grunt: I’m not a big fan of athlete’s with really thin legs. Not a good look.

Bears Re-Draft Mock – Round 5 No. 147 – Desmond King

Cotto’s Comment: King dropped far past where I expected. Were teams turned off by his brash personality? Don’t care, he gets it done on the field. Value is the name of the game.

Gandia’s Grunt: I don’t have the same man-love for King that Jose and the other guys on this website have. As a 5th round pick I could live with King and whatever he’s hiding in his closet that’s made him drop.

Bears Re-Draft Mock – Round 7 No. 221 – Aviante Collins

Cotto’s Comment: Project tackle with absurd testing numbers. Harnessing his athleticism test is a great first test for Chicago’s new offensive line coach.

Gandia’s Grunt: The last time the Bears took a flyer on a 7th round tackle it was Charles Leno. So we have an Aviante Collins on the roster. I’d rather draft a skill position player late in the draft. See who I chose on the link below.






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