It’s Official: Jay Cutler on the Trade Block

It’s Official: Jay Cutler on the Trade Block

With the NFL Combine days away, trade talks for Jay Cutler are expected to heat up. Jeff Darlington of ESPN reports that multiple sources confirm the Bears have begun to actively pursue talks with teams potentially interested in the 33-year old quarterback.

Cutler could interest a number of teams including the Arizona Cardinals, according to editor and writer Peter King.

King recently wrote:

Jay Cutler Trade

But, hours after King’s post, one of the Cardinals beat reporters posted the following on Twitter:

That King post and response is emblematic of the reputation Cutler has around the league. Some believe he’s been a hard-luck quarterback and others believe he’s a pure loser.

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Stephen A. Smith, the long-time ESPN commentator and critic of Cutler recently brought up (again!!!) Cutler’s injury against the Green Bay Packers game in the 2010 NFC Championship game to former Chicago Bears receiver and current ESPN analyst TomWaddle. Waddle has defended Cutler against those unfair comments, but Smith couldn’t resist trolling Waddle and Cutler.

This interaction, too, is emblematic for Cutler’s troubles in Chicago. His body language, never one of his strengths, Jay Cutler tradebetrayed him. Smith believed Cutler quit on his team because it appeared Cutler was apathetic on the sideline during the Packers game. Instead, what really happened was Cutler’s frustration was at fever pitch.

For me, I find it sickening that many media people and some fans could not clearly see what Cutler was up against – especially Bears fans!

You see, what’s happened to Cutler in Chicago has happened to almost ever Bears quarterback in the last 50+ years.

Cutler never had enough support to help him overcome his deficiencies.

Possessing more athletic ability than any Bears QB since Vince Evans and Bobby Douglass, it was easy to fall in love with his potential – just like I did with those two failed quarterbacks.

Neither of these potentially good to very good quarterbacks had a great pass-blocking line or a reliable corp of receivers.

Over Cutler’s eight years he never really came close to having all of the necessary tools for a quarterback unable to do it all on his own (there aren’t many in NFL history capable of winning without competent offensive components).

Credit Phil Emery as the only general manager to realize Cutler needed help. He invested considerable dollars in a left tackle, (Jermon Bushrod), a first-round pick in a guard (Kyle Long), invested in a talented pass-catching tight end (Martellus Bennett) and aggressively pursued two huge target wide receivers, a preference for Cutler (Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery).

The line was still nowhere near top notch. Bushrod was clearly not at the top of his game any longer; Long was displaying Pro-Bowl flashes, in fact he was awarded the honor, but his voters were overlooking rookie mistakes because of the name; and, there were considerable issues at right tackle and center.

Nonetheless Cutler was closer to becoming the quarterback who could pull off a Joe Flacco-Super Bowl win… except for one thing… he didn’t have the John Harbaugh Ravens defense. In fact, he didn’t the Lovie Smith defense. As a matter of fact… he had a historically bad defense.

Some people will remember Jay Cutler as Superman-like but surrounded by kryptonite teammates. Others will recall him as Frankenstein’s monster – an experiment at quarterback gone terribly wrong.

Anyway, here we are. We’ll see learn the truth about whether Cutler has any trade value. Cutler’s return to the Bears is as likely as Bill Belichick passing a lie detector test. And, the Bears are back to where they always seem to be when it comes to the quarterback position… somewhere in that deep morass of uncertainty.






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