Enough is Enough, Lions Must Fire Jim Caldwell

Enough is Enough, Lions Must Fire Jim Caldwell

Lions Barroom contributor Kyle Mallett traveled to Chicago’s Soldier Field Sunday and what he saw convinced him that it is time for the Lions to fire Jim Caldwell. His rant is completely understandable after the Lions looked miserable in their 17-14 loss to the Chicago Bears.


On second thought, it’s completely believable.

The Lions lose a game to the winless Chicago Bears; an injury-riddled team starting a journey man backup quarterback. Not only did they lose, the Lions looked ill-prepared, in every phase of the game. Yep. Sounds like the Detroit Lions to me. I don’t drink alcohol, but I guarantee you that if this keeps up the Lions will have me going to AA meetings in a few weeks.

As I type this, I am heading back to Memphis. I left Soldier Field just two hours ago. Yeah, I had to watch that complete dumpster fire in person, and I could really use a hug right now. And people always ask me why I hardly ever go to games anymore. Well, my good friend in Chicago was nice enough to have me in for the weekend and got us tickets to the game (thanks, Martin), so with hopes of a win I marched into Soldier Field… and ended up watching a slaughter.

The Lions dropped this one to the Bears 17-14, the score being close despite the Bears dominating in every way. This was the perfect opportunity for Detroit to get back to .500 by beating an 0-3 Bears team that had yet to look like anything resembling a good football team. Instead, to was the Lions who looked awful; completely inept from start to finish. They were curb stomped by their rivals across the lake.

I’m not typing this article to talk stats (although you can see them below in our graphic), turning points in the game or cite individual performances. I’m here to vent about why the Lions have fallen to 1-3. Every negative thing that happened – the poor defensive play, the non-existent run game, the AWOL Golden Tate, the passing mishaps – is due to one man.

Fire Jim Caldwell

Caldwell is a bad head coach. The countless clock management errors, his inability to get 11 men on the field and his awful press conferences have defined his tenure in Detroit and are part of why he makes my skin crawl. When they’ve won they’ve done so in spite of him. Caldwell is 19-18 with the Lions, but don’t let the record fool you. They are not a .500 team. They are a disaster. Last year is a prime example. They were clearly the worst team in the NFL the first half of last season and then came back to win bunch of meaningless games against mediocre, at best, competition.

This mess is inexcusable, and the nonsense with Caldwell needs to stop now.

When new GM Bob Quinn gave Caldwell another chance, it didn’t make much sense. Why keep the head coach if you’re going to get rid of just about everyone else? Is it because Quinn didn’t want to have two head coaches on the payroll? Caldwell is due $4 million this season (he’s 27th highest paid coach in the NFL). We know that team owner Martha Firestone Ford is fond of the head coach. When she was asked about Caldwell’s future last year (before the Quinn hiring) she responded by saying, “I love Jim Caldwell, but I don’t want to answer that question,” meaning she was deferring the decision to the new GM. But, did she really?

It’s time for Quinn to pull the trigger. No matter Mrs. Ford’s affection for Caldwell. He continues to make the same mistakes week after week and he’s not putting this team in a position to succeed. It’s better to do it now than make Lions fans agonize more. Part ways with Caldwell immediately and say, “There’s an Uber waiting for you outside. Get in it and get the heck out of here.”

It’s foolish to believe the Detroit Lions are heading in the right direction with Caldwell. He needs to pay for his lack of leadership and he needs to pay with his job.

[graphiq id=”kLDMr3p1ioB” title=”Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears – Complete Recap” width=”600″ height=”725″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/kLDMr3p1ioB” link=”http://nfl-teams.pointafter.com/l/21/Detroit-Lions” link_text=”PointAfter | Graphiq” ]

Jim Caldwell – Pants on Fire

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