Draft Dr. Phil Releases His First Parody Chicago Bears Christmas Song, “O Football Town of Chicago”

Draft Dr. Phil Releases His First Parody Chicago Bears Christmas Song, “O Football Town of Chicago”

Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian has the well-deserved reputation of being a respected football scout and analyst. What many may not know is that one of his other passions is music. In fact, years ago he signed a recording contract. Football drew him back to his first love, but the fire to create music still burns.

Recently, his interaction with his fellow radio co-hosts and Barflies* has rekindled his passion to create music. He’s already written, produced and performed several songs for Bears Barroom, including the highly requested Fire John Fox rap anthem.

Now, Phil is applying his musical talents to Christmas songs. But, they are not just holiday songs, they are parody songs with lyrics poking fun at our beloved Chicago Bears.

His first offering is entitled, “O Football Town of Chicago.” And, over the next month, we’ll release all 22 songs he’s producing. Yes, 22! There will be one more this week… and then in the 20 days leading up to Christmas we’ll release another daily.

Interested in getting a CD with all of the songs!?

Well, we’re working on the details!

Below the audio player we have the lyrics for this song.

*Barflies is what we call the passionate Bears Barroom listeners, readers and friends.

Oh Football Town of Chicago

Where the Bears, they play their games

They used to be called the Midway Monsters

Now they call them a joke again

Oh Chicago Bears

Three years have been too long

This coaching staff is always lost

Decisions always wrong

Oh Football Town of Chicago

Your coach and field are a mess

Lay down the brand new field turf

Slip counts prevent success

Oh Chicago Bears

It’s clear you need a new coach

Harbaugh, McDaniels, David Shaw,

Frank Reich or David Toub

Oh Football Town of Chicago

You finally got your young quarterback

Don’t make the dreaded football mistake

Of bringing Coach John Fox back

Oh Chicago Bears

Hire a football man up top

Stop living off 1985

The losing ways might stop

O Football Town of Chicago

A football city you proclaim

There is an arrogant football coach

Who’s won only 3 division games

Oh Chicago Bears

The Playoffs you bemoan

There is one answer to this mess

Ryan Pace bring Harbaugh home

Ryan Pace, Ryan Pace

Ryan Pace bring Harbaugh home

Lyrics and production by Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian

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