Draft Dr. Phil’s Doctor’s Office: Kyle Fuller, The Fullback & More

by Aldo Gandia | February 9, 2018 8:18 am

Bears Barroom’s Chief Football Analyst, Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian, offers up a Twitter feed filled with tape review. I went back and pulled several from the last month of the season.

Let’s begin with Phil’s feelings on Chicago Bears free agent corner back Kyle Fuller.

The reason we on @BearsBarroom[1] talked about not letting homegrown talent walk.On back to back plays @kbfuller17[2] shows you just how fantastic of a corner he’s become- replacing & filling physically. Then comes back & closes on off man w/eyes on ball 🏈 & literally steals it #Bears[3] pic.twitter.com/TjpFOiFHzs[4]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) February 3, 2018[5]

Last season Phil warned Ryan Pace to not allow home-grown talent like Alshon Jeffery leave via free-agency a year ago. He’s issuing the same warning this year with Fuller.

Kyle Fuller confident aggressive and aware. He’s in the route running it for Gordon as he shows you his value to the defense or any defense. He’s playing that good all season long @BearsBarroom[1] you don’t let his talent out of #DaBears[6] @BearsBarroom[1] pic.twitter.com/jEvkCLodtv[7]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 26, 2017[8]

All year long the Doctor prescribed laying off of fullback Michael Burton’s nauseating play.

Let’s do pretty little spins and turns for our Fullback. @TreyBizzy[9] favorite player.(I’m kidding) we laughed so hard at this play. Happy Birthday Mike pic.twitter.com/c4S2zOX9iW[10]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) February 1, 2018[11]

The frustration with Burton’s indecisiveness was amplified when noting he was making training camp mistakes in week 17.


— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) January 27, 2018[13]

But, even when Phil pointed out the misdeeds of Burton he could also see the good deeds of others.

Why do I love Whitehair & hate Burton in one play @BearsBarroom[1] – shaded DT watch Whitehair with quickness agility and power control and throw. False read for the backer. Destroys DT. Burton well just watch pic.twitter.com/ID9cxdTb30[14]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 12, 2017[15]

Ultimate team sport @BearsBarroom[1] lets watch everyone’s favorite Mike Burton- head on wrong side & doesn’t finish- Grasu does a good job as does Sowell. Then Howard with vision balance and patience in the snow to go to the house pic.twitter.com/1TWDBaF2eE[16]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 26, 2017[17]

One of the other players the doctor has been, deservedly, tough on his right tackle Bobby Massie. What’s frustrating is that the player has the athleticism to play the position well, but sometimes not the mental will to excel. That lack of will is demonstrated here with a lack of effort.

If Massie gave an ounce of effort here – Howard has a huge run. It’s a team game for a reason. This is an issue with effort. On the next play Massie stands up and catches @BearsBarroom[1] pic.twitter.com/DwGEdakE2q[18]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 26, 2017[19]

If you’ve seen your doctor regularly you know that he’s repeatedly recommended strong dosages of Adrian Amos, even when many in the Chicago sports media derided his play. Many in the media made a mountain out of a molehill by complaining about Amos’ lack of turnovers. And, yes, while you’d like to see your safety have a high turnover rate, Draft Dr. Phil has continually advised that Amos brought outstanding qualities to his play.

Coaching 101 on Adrian Amos- why I voted him to the pro bowl. Playing with physicality but awareness & explosion. Sees the play reacts fearlessly no wasted movement & explodes through the man-sending the message to the opponent @BearsBarroom[1] pic.twitter.com/Ry4mf4uPCh[20]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 26, 2017[21]

All year long Draft Dr. Phil has examined the play of Mitch Trubisky and the results have been positive.

The jet sweep mesh point false steps the linebackers – creates and allows separation stressing the defense. Plays that should’ve been run 7 weeks ago. Finally leaking into gameplan as Trubisky grows & shows you throw anticipation- he’s a run threat @BearsBarroom[1] pic.twitter.com/scjVkZrwd4[22]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 12, 2017[23]

Mitch Trubisky extends the ball fake out to the back. Forces more of a fake. Then boots & squares. Watch him generate torque as he leaps to throw, this is something he feels comfortable doing & is as accurate as you want a qb dropping the ball into the hole to Sims @BearsBarroom[1] pic.twitter.com/wuNi60LM2n[24]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 26, 2017[25]

Mitch Trubisky extends the ball fake out to the back. Forces more of a fake. Then boots & squares. Watch him generate torque as he leaps to throw, this is something he feels comfortable doing & is as accurate as you want a qb dropping the ball into the hole to Sims @BearsBarroom[1] pic.twitter.com/wuNi60LM2n[24]

— Draft Dr. Phil (@FulphilO) December 26, 2017[25]

Let the doctor and me know on Twitter if you’d like to see us compile more of these tweets.

Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian – @FulphilO
Aldo – @BearsBarroom

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