Deshaun Watson Takes Center Stage

Deshaun Watson Takes Center Stage

Deshaun Watson could soon become the franchise quarterback for the Chicago Bears. That’s the hope of more and more people, including Bears Barroom Radio regular Phil Ottochian who recently strongly advocated for Watson. Listen here:

With the possibility Watson could join the Bears, it’s now super-interesting to get to know him better. This week it was announced that Watson will be among the seven quarterbacks participating in the ultra-popular Jon Gruden QB Camp series on ESPN.

The seven QBs attend ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Fla., where they spend time with Gruden in the tape room reviewing plays and diagramming others. It’s an intense, and entertaining, session with Gruden pulling no punches and challenging the quarterbacks. The players also spend time on the practice field.

In an ESPN media release Gruden cited Watson first and foremost:

“There’s some unknowns this year, but this class starts with Deshaun Watson. His body of work is as impressive as any quarterback we’ve had come through ‘QB Camp.’ I got the chance to see him live, and I think he has a ton of ability.”

The 2017 series debuts April 11 at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2, with additional shows airing on ABC and other ESPN networks leading up to the draft.

In addition to watching Watson with Gruden, the NFL’s original content group has created a six-part mini-documentary series on Clemson’s all-time best player called, “One Shot.” The title is in reference to Watson’s repeated claims that he has one shot to make his mark in pro football. “I’m a professional now so I’m trying to be the best professional I can be… I’m just making sure that each day counts,” Watson says.

The series, which debuted Thursday on NFL Network begins by following Watson immediately after he led Clemson to the school’s second National Championship and a few days later arrives in Los Angeles to begin training with quarterback coach Jordan Palmer.

Here is episode one and the next five will air each week on the NFL Total Access show on NFL Network. Below that is the lowlight clip of Watson’s interceptions mentioned by Ottochian in the Bears Barroom Radio show clip.

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