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Don’t Be Surprised By Minnesota Vikings

For weeks, I’ve tried telling people that they should not ignore what the Minnesota Vikings were doing to resurrect their team. I believe in Mike Zimmer. If you don’t you are a fool. Sorry. But, you are. I believe in Norv

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Blame Mike McCarthy Not Dom Capers 0

Calm down Green Bay Packer haters! It was a knock down, but not a knockout. And, you Packer lovers, chill out. Have a Bloody Mary! Your coach Mike McCarthy was telegraphing the loss at his press conference earlier in the

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Outlandishly Possible NFC North Predictions 0

I’ve been waiting for the start of the NFL season, and more specifically the NFC North, to begin about as anxiously as I awaited my first sexual encounter. Just like then, I’m so thrilled it’s finally here, I don’t know

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Mick Tingelhoff One Step Closer to Hall

Mick Tingelhoff started 259 straight games at the center position. Never missed a game. He played in four of the NFL’s first eleven Super Bowl games. He was an All-Pro five times. Yet, he’s not in the Pro Football Hall

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Mike Zimmer, A Great Effin Coach? 0

(This article contains language that is not suitable for work.)   It’s fair to say, that the central key to a Minnesota Vikings resurgence is their new foul-mouthed head coach, Mike Zimmer. Coach Mike Zimmer Needs To Be Effin Great

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Detroit Lions Monstrous Tight End Line-up

Monster movies don’t scare me. Not, unless, I’m home alone, all the lights are off and I’ve been hitting the cheap stuff.  Monsters on the football field, on the other hand, can scare the shit out of me, no matter

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