Bears vs Packers: Bears Fans Win At Trash Talking

Bears vs Packers: Bears Fans Win At Trash Talking

It’s Packer week! And that means the trash talking between fans gets so heated cheeseheads start to melt by mid-week.

When Bears fans get into a trash talking session with Packers fans my money is on… da Bears fans.

Sure, Packer fans have some high-powered ammunition to work with: recent dominance over the Bears including some nasty beatdowns, a dynasty of division championships and one of the best quarterbacks of his or any generation.

But, we have IQs of over 100. They can’t count to 100.
We have indoor plumbing. They have inbred parents.
They like living near the Illinois border to pick up our WiFi.

Take a look at our quickie Packer trash talking video and make sure you Tweet or Facebook your favorite Packer jokes to us.

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Aldo Gandia

Aldo Gandia

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