Bears 100 Proof – Talking Bears v Eagles – Guest: Kris Armstrong

Bears 100 Proof – Talking Bears v Eagles – Guest: Kris Armstrong

The adult night club act we call Bears 100 Proof welcomes a special guest, Bears Barroom blogger Kris Armstrong.
Rundown of the hijinks:

Theme Song

0.00.00 – Opening theme Song
0.02.44 – Strippers Comments
0.06.15 – Intros and Talking Bears
0.19.40 – Christmas Parody Song
0.35.10 – Tweets of the Week
1.01.30 – Kris Armstrong Talks Bears
1.19.05 – Bear-up/Bear-down
1.51.45 – More About Kris
1.56.30 – Shout outs

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Aldo Gandia

Aldo Gandia

Among my career highlights I have produced two films while in high school that received nationwide attention; leaned out of a helicopter over the Gulf of Suez at the age of 20 to shoot movies of oil rigs; won an Emmy award for a sports special and another for a kid's fitness show; and led a team of very talented creative professionals to produce break-through corporate communications.

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