Bears 100 Proof – Mitch Trubisky’s Debut

Bears 100 Proof – Mitch Trubisky’s Debut

Cheers Bears fans… this week’s Bears 100 Proof is another marathon of analysis and jokes with Draft Dr. Phil Ottochian; the Barroom’s smartest man, Shayne Marsaw; and, the guy serving things up, Aldo Gandia. Their Twitter handles are below.

Pre-Show Jocularity
00:00 – 01:26

Show Open
01:27 – 04:23

Trubisky Reviews
04:24 – 24:52

Thoughts on The Vikings/Bears Game
24:53 -28:34

John Fox
28:35 – 52:01

52:02 – 54:01

Twitter Awards
54:02 – 1:10:12

Josh Gordon/Bears WRs
1:10:13 – 1:23:45

Bear Up/Bear Down
1:23:46 – 1:43:44

Aldo Addresses Adversaries with Shayne & Phil’s Thoughts
1:43:45 – 1:56:17

Show Close & Shout Outs
1:56:18 – END


Draft Dr. Phil –   @FulphilO

Shayne Marsaw – @wasram

Aldo Gandia – @BearsBarroom

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