Bears 100 Proof – Bears Christmas CD & Demon House

Bears 100 Proof – Bears Christmas CD & Demon House

Show Rundown:

00.00 – Christmas CD Commerical
05:30 – Opening Show Banter
13:10 – Bears Beat Bengals
16:10 – Trubisky
28:50 – Bears Safeties
42:50 – Tweets of the Week
1:04:30 – Bears Win Out?
1:10:10 Mr. Magoo debates Draft Dr. Phil on Cody Whitehair
1:36:54 Demon House
1:46:21 Bear Up/Bear Down
2:10:38 Shout Outs
2:30:25 New Christmas Song – Lunch With Larry Mayer

How To Win A CD of Draft Dr. Phil’s “A Special Truthful Christmas”


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Aldo Gandia

Aldo Gandia

Among my career highlights I have produced two films while in high school that received nationwide attention; leaned out of a helicopter over the Gulf of Suez at the age of 20 to shoot movies of oil rigs; won an Emmy award for a sports special and another for a kid's fitness show; and led a team of very talented creative professionals to produce break-through corporate communications.

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